Escursione alla Grotta degli Olmi

The Caves Cai Savona Group organizes an outing open to all to discover the caving, excursion that will take place in absolute safety with speleological progression techniques and that represents one of the few occasions to visit the underground world normally accessible with adequate equipment and under the accompaniment of experienced people.

This trip, which does not require special athletic training or special knowledge, is especially suitable for those wishing to approach the world of caving, exploring, in total safety, the unspoiled caves of Savonese caves and consisting of more or less uneven paths and no artificial walkways or fixed lighting systems.

The destination of this excursion will be the Grotta degli Olmi in the Parco dell’Adelasia in Ferrania, of considerable geophysical interest due to the presence of ophiolites, rocks of magmatic origin.

The exciting route will begin with a three-meter jumper from which a series of tunnels, low tunnels and various rooms begin to reach the Sala del Labirinto.

To participate in the initiative, due to the limited number of seats available, it is necessary to book.
For information and reservations you can contact the CAI Savona Caves Group at the Piramidi Nursery in Savona, every Friday from 9 pm to 10.30 pm, or through the website, on Facebook, or by calling +39.3360180176.

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